Preston L. Houser ゼミ(英・米文化)

 For the time being, the primary academic focus of the university is the development of reading and writing skills.  Although I usually rotate particular themes in my junior seminar, the general academic goals remain the same.  For example, I place an emphasis on research skills, bibliographic skills, and research writing.  I alternate junior seminar themes between a general debate class wherein students select three debate topics (fact, value, policy), divide into affirmative and negative teams, and then research the topic and prepare evidence.  The seminar concludes with a formal debate.  The other seminar style involves an in-depth approach to one of William Shakespeare’s plays, for example Hamlet, Macbeth, or King Lear.  Again, students will focus on specific themes, research the topics, and engage in written and oral articulation of the topics.  In the junior seminar students often work in groups while establishing and reinforcing research skills; during their senior year, students should expect to work independently on their senior thesis (under my supervision).  Junior seminar and senior thesis are perhaps the two most important courses in a university student’s life and the courses can become very intense and stressful.  However, those students who persevere stand a good chance of succeeding in society after they graduate.  As in days of old, literacy is the key to a better life.





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